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Air Angle Grinder

Air Angle Grinder


  • Lightweight aluminum housing to help reduce operator fatique.
    Designed to handle a variety of applications from fine deburring
    to heavy grinding.

  • Durable aluminum alloy housing

  • Planetary gears for heavy duty applications

  • Low vibration, easy to use.

  • Anti-vibration dead handle lowers fatigue

  • Lightweight construction

  • Heat treated cast steel inside parts, long service life

  • Steel safety cover, more security

  • Side handle for additional control can be taken off

  • Plolishing and black color housing can be choosed

  • Right angle head allows easier working within confined area

  • 20000 RPM for heavy duty applications

  • Built-in power regulator allows precise control of the speed for multiple applications

  • Paddle throttle lever provides smooth control with less than fatigue

  • Rear Air Exhaust helps blow exhaust away from work surface

  • Heavy duty for cutting and removing rusts/Super power for ship manufacturing industy

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